• Meet Jean.

    Jean Thomason has more than 30 years of experience as a musical performer, worship leader, author, and conference speaker to parents, grandparents, teachers, and children’s ministers. She is the living embodiment of the joyful children’s musical character, “Miss PattyCake”. Through this brightly costumed character, Jean plants biblical truths, served in fun toddler-size pieces, while helping equip parents to lay a spiritual foundation for their children. Her live “Miss PattyCake” family events are performed throughout God’s great big world.


    In her latest book "Sharing God's BIG LOVE with Little Lives", Jean shares her insight gleaned from her 20+ years in children's ministry. Using scripture, humorous anecdotes, and insightful research, Jean equips you with fresh ideas and enthusiastic encouragement to help you guide your little ones as they grow into all that God has created them to be. This book is a fun and powerful resource for parents, grandparents, and caregivers.


    Jean's ready wit and engaging presentation speak to the "heart behind the art" of preschool ministry ~ whether at home or in a formal (church/day school/MOPS) setting. You will see and hear the passion she has for little ones and their families! Jean's overarching call to action is: “Whoever wants the next generation the MOST will get them.”

  • Miss PattyCake

    Miss PattyCake is PASSIONATE about your preschoolers! She helps grown-ups talk to little ones about God, Jesus, and the Bible using FUN songs, stories, and activities. Check out the Miss PattyCake website for Biblically-based resources for preschool families.

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